Getting Started In Photography

This short post is for people looking to start in photography, not a comprehensive how-to article. You have questions I have questions. That in itself should form a firm foundation for meaningful conversation. 

Where does a person start to become a photographer? 

I started in food photography by taking a lot of pictures.  I was on my way to fame and fortune, yeah, right. The pictures I took were only a result of putting the camera in auto mode and pushing the button. How was I ever going to compete with other food photographers doing that? 

I learned that if I was ever going to become a photographer in any field, I had to stop using the auto mode to take pictures on my Nikon D3500 camera. 

I had to learn how to use manual mode.   

I had to learn how and when to use the various modes on my camera.

The beginning processes of learning photography never end. They repeat themselves with each new photograph. Each click offers both possibilities and challenges.

Follow the blogs of other photographers and learn what mistakes they have learned during their careers. Their answers or discoveries may or may not be the answer you’re seeking, but it is a beginning. We all have to start somewhere. I haven’t picked any certain genre of photography. I just concentrate on learning the fundamentals.

You can take different approaches and find out what works for you.

Enroll in a photography class. I have no recommendations for courses at this time.

This blog is a new venture. Each new post will be a new beginning in maintaining photography as a profession or hobby. I hope that we all can learn something from each other with every post.

As a disclaimer, if you use the camera link in this post, I will make a small commission without increasing your cost. Recommending products that I use and trust is just one way that I might make an honest living.

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