Keeping Up With Myself

I never have a hard time thinking of things to write. My
difficulties lie in putting into words the thoughts I’m thinking
into coherent phrases and sentences. 

Questions enter my mind about the thoughts I have like

Will my thoughts attract readers?

Will potential or first-time readers read past the first sentence?

Will they tell others about what I have to say?

Take this moment, for instance, while writing an article in a photography blog, I want to write about painting.

I paint backgrounds for use in food photography.

I also paint abstract and chaotic designs.

The abstract and chaotic designs don’t work well for food photography, but I paint them because they represent what I’m feeling at that moment.

Will readers look at these paintings as art or garbage? Who knows or cares? I suppose what matters is that I enjoy painting both styles if they are indeed styles.

Nobody buys either one, anyway, at this time.

I don’t consider myself an artist per se, but selling a few copies of my paintings would supplement my fixed disability income and enable me to purchase art and photography supplies. At the moment, I accept almost any offer for a copy of one or more. I have also opened a page on the fundraising site Patreon to raise funds that can also be used in that effort.

I welcome all who would join me in my efforts.

Thank you.

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